Research for Design Patents

A research will give you an overview of your competitors. You will be informed if there is any third-party (user or owner) who use a similar or identical design or an unauthorize copy. This allows you to find out whether a third-party can impede or attack your design.

A research/monitoring is useful in case of:

  • two-dimensional “patterns” (e.g., fabric patterns)
  • three-dimensional models (designs of technical devices, consumption objects or packaging).

Protective rights investigation/research or a usage-research?

If you decide to register a new design, a protective right research is highly recommended. If you already own design´s patent, a research is definitely useful.

Protective rights research for your design

Before you use or registered your design, you should carry out a protective right ‘research, or a so-called monitoring. Our design experts can take care of the research for you; they can examine your design and establish if it is protected or not. If you use a protected design, you violate the protective rights of others parties. This is legally punishable.

Usage research for design´s patent owners

If you own an industrial design, you can request a usage research to check if third parties violate your protective rights. Depending on your registration, a national, international, pan-EU research is recommended.

Design ‘patents have a high ideological and material value. Considerable losses of sales and image loss can be the result of design´s theft or misuse.

How far does a research go?

Our design´s experts can offer extensive researches; However, a non-registered EU design can not be conclusively monitored. Unregistered rights, such as copyrights, can also not be investigated. In order to reduce considerable risks, it is always important to let your design being examined and monitored by experts.